Developing an accurate way to account for the numerous years women have been riding motorcycles and competing on them has needed to happen for quite some time. The introduction of the Women's Motocross History website has brought together women and the sport's enthusiasts from around the world, contributing what is known as the most in depth, accurate and up to date record of the Women's Motocross and Supercross History as it stands today.


Please rememeber that with a dedicated team of professionals in place to verify statistics, we will make every attempt to ensure that the information submitted is correct and accurate before it is posted.


  • To follow are a few areas we have to cover:

    In the "Legends" section, you will find a list of Women MX Champions who made names for themselves while paving the way for the racers of today. This section is reserved for female racers whom have major racing accomplishments on record, dating back to the 1970's.


Here are just a few.. :)


    Jessica Patterson Ashley Fiolek Vicki Golden
    Steffi Laier Stefy Bau Tania Satchwell
    Dee Wood Traci Fleming Kristy Shealy
    Shelly Kann Mercedes Gonzalez Cindy Cole
    Vicky Jackson Mikki Douglas Lisa Akin
    Kathy Holman Dede Cates Carey Steiner
    Sue Fish Teri Kezar Nancy Payne
    Nadine Holbert   Kerry Klied

In the "Pioneers" section, you will meet the promoters who dedicated their lives to promote women's motocross throughout the years.  These pioneers formed and directed women's racing organizations and passed on the baton to the next generation.

Miki Keller

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If you have information you would like to submit about any part of
the women's motocross history to further educate the world,
please contact us, we'd love to hear from you :)

Elaine Ruff

***Jim Trimble

Tami Rice
***Bonnie Warch
Denise DeVines
Vicki Haag
Kasey Rogers

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