Miki Keller
Dominica "Miki" Keller
2007 Women In Motorcycling USA Image Award
2007 Women In Motorcycling USA Image Award
presented to Miki Keller


Miki Keller
passed the torch to MX Sports - WMX

Miki Keller is an active motocross rider residing in Bend, Oregon.  From January 2000 to December 2003, she was the President for the U.S. Women's Motorcycle League "WML".

In 2004, Keller founded the Women’s Motocross Association "WMA".


Women's Motocross Association


Keller’s major accomplishments while at the helm of the WML and WMA include:


  • Securing women's pro racing highlights in the AMA Pro Racing Television program on Espn2.


  • Women's pro motos during the AMA Pro Racing events in front of 15,000 - 20,000 fans (per event).


  • Increasing the number of women racing each year.


  • Getting women's motocross coverage in mainstream media and in motocross media.


  • Creating an event with the largest women's motocross participation in history – the WMA Cup.


  • Developing a partnership with Girls Learn to Ride™ and Honda Rider Education Centers to introduce females to the sport (now known as the OP Girls Learn to Ride).


  • Additionally, Keller secured women’s motocross/supercross participation in the espn X Games.


Keller now does freelance Marketing and PR for events, companies, teams, and athletes.  She currently is contracted for the X Games, the Women’s Supercross exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, and several athletes including Vicki Golden – the first female to make the main in AMA Pro Arenacross.


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