Jim Trimble

Jim was interviewed in August of 2013.  Below are the Q&A's of the interview:

Jim Trimble Interview – January 2, 2014

Jim Trimble joined WML founder, Elaine Ruff, in 1995 to expand and add more support for the U.S. Women’s MX Team leading to the formation of the U.S. Women’s Motorcycle League in 1996.


WMXH:  How did you get involved in the Women’s Motocross effort?

Jim: I was the owner of Trimble and Company, a sales and marketing company that assisted companies in the power sports, automotive and retail industries.

WMXH: You were involved with the U.S Women’s MX TEAM, eventually becoming the WML (U.S. Women’s Motorcycle League).  Can you tell us about that?

Jim:  In 1995, I joined up with Elaine Ruff to help in expanding and adding more support for the U.S. Motocross Team.  Together, we created a marketing plan to expand national awareness, support and racing opportunities for this team.  Through this platform, the organization grew through major development efforts and hard work from the U.S. Women’s Motocross Team members and management.

In 1996, the WML was formed to give female riders progressively better opportunities to compete on national and regional levels.

WMXH:  How were you able to gather the support needed to insure that the women had venues to compete in?

Jim: Elaine Ruff, Founder and Director of the U.S. Women’s Motorcycle League (WML), with Southern Dirt Bike Owner Kat Span, lobbied the top U.S. motorcycle OEM’s for a “New Direction” in women’s motocross.  Later, Elaine invited Debbie Matthews into the WML to assist in race promotions leading to more support and racing opportunities.

I am honored to have been included in Women’s MX History.

Thank you very much.


Click here for printable version of Jim's interview.


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